The best deals on iPhone 13 in Canada

Looking for the best deals on iPhone 13? You’ve come to the right place. Finding a good deal on a device you want is not easy. There’s multiple things to consider - upfront payment vs monthly installments, BYOD vs device financing, to 5G or not to 5G and which carrier and data amount to choose. And all this also depends upon which province you live in.

To make this choice easy for you, we have taken a detailed look, not just at the specs, reviews and pro and cons of the iPhone 13 but also at all the deals currently on offer for iPhone 13 in Canada to help you make the most informed decision.


Screen Size: 6.1"
Screen Resolution: 2532 x 1170 460 ppi
Camera: Dual 12MP camera system: Wide and Ultra Wide cameras.
Operating System: iOS
RAM memory: 4 GB


The iPhone 13 is Apple's most powerful smartphone yet. With several improvements and innovations, this device is essential for hardcore Apple fans. Furthermore, the iPhone 13 is the perfect middle-ground for the latest generation of flagship devices. While the Pro and Pro Max are more powerful, the Mini is more compact. The base model iPhone 13 is right in the middle, and offers a mix of this generation's greatest features.

Release date

September 17, 2021

When compared to the iPhone 12, the 13 is slightly better in almost every way. It boasts a more powerful camera, battery life and overall performance. While both devices offer 5G functionality, the iPhone 13's reduced notch size allows for a noticeably larger display. Overall, the differences between models are not night and day. However, if you're really into tech, you'll notice the slight improvements which the iPhone 13 will implement.

  1. A15 Chip: The four iPhone 13 models are the only Apple smartphones which wield the brand new A15 bionic chip. As a result, iPhone 13 users can expect an efficient performance unlike any other iPhone device.
  2. Camera Improvements: The diagonal lenses aren't just for show. The iPhone 13 is stronger than previous models, and introduces new features like Cinematic mode.

  1. Price: A brand new iPhone 13 costs $1100 CAD, which is not very affordable for a smartphone.
  2. No Touch ID: Apple fans across the world were hoping for a re-introduction of Touch ID. Some rumours even suggested that the iPhone 13 would have a fingerprint scanner built into the screen. Unfortunately, no such feature was added, and users will have to continue using Face ID.

iPhone 13 128 GB prices by provider (device only)

If you want to compare the price of the iPhone 13 128 GB without considering any related phone plan, you've come to the right place. Just select your preferred provider from the options below, and you'll be taken to a page with all the details you need. It will show you the monthly cost, upfront payment, and total payment over two years, with all the different prices according to each Canadian province.

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