Petro-Canada phone plans: mobile service from a billion-dollar corporation

When searching for the right mobile plan, people often get lost in research and forget about what they truly want. At the end of the day, your needs and usage are the most important factors in determining the perfect plan for you. If you dislike long-term contracts and want 30 day pay per use plans, Petro-Canada phone plans may be offering your ideal plan.

Petro-Canada Pros & Cons

If you are on this page you may be wondering “Is Petro-Canada a good choice ?” As an impartial price comparator PlanHub can’t directly answer this question but here are objective and factual factors to consider so you can make up your own opinion on the subject.


Additional information on Petro-Canada cell phone plans

Petro-Canada cell phone plans offers a number of 30-day pay as you go plans. This allows their plans to be very affordable, and highly appealing to users who don't use many of their phone's features. Furthermore, if a customer ends up needing more texting, calling or data than their plan indicates, they can easily top up their plans via Petro-Canada's website whenever they want to. Thus, these limited pay per use plans are very convenient if you don't plan on using much data, already have a device you like, and want ot avoid lenghty contracts.

Comparative review of Petro-Canada mobile plans in Canada

Petro-Canada's mobile plans are all 30 day "pay as you go" plans. This approach avoids long-term commitment and contracts, and ensures that users only pay for as much talk, text and data as they actually end up using.

More about Petro-Canada

Petro-Canada's mobile history

Petro-Canada is one of the largest, most profitibale companies in the country. It was founded in 1975 as a Crown Corporation under Prime Minister Trudeau. Him and the Liberal party wanted Canada to benefit off the world's increasing gas and oil prices, rather than just the United States. Decades later, the benefits have been made abundantly clear. Petro-Canada currently operates over a thousand gas stations. Over the years, Petro-Canada began offering more services apart from gas. These services include resturants, car washes, and of course, mobile plans.

Customer service

Petro-Canada's mobile network coverage

Petro-Canada provides 4G network coverage across the entire country to 90% of the Canadian population. If you're interested in more specific details, look at Petro-Canada's coverage map online to see if you're within reach of their network.